In 1989, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai began serial publication in Weekly Shonen Jump. The classic tale will now return in brand-new animation in the fall of 2020.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is the first long-term serial cartoon linked to Dragon Quest, a massively popular series of RPG games. The comic captured the hearts of many children and still enjoys enduring popularity. Cumulative circulation of the comic in trade paperback form has reached beyond 47 million.


From 1991 to 1992, the cartoon was made into an animation. The upcoming animated series will be created through a hybrid process using computer and traditional animation. Looking more real, this classic returns in a brand-new form.


As a special surprise for the audience, the new project was announced by video at the Square Enix booth at Jump Festa 2020, which took place on Saturday, December 21 and Sunday, December 22, 2019. In addition to the new animation, it was also disclosed that a project for developing the story into a video game was simultaneously under way.


The original animated series will also be viewable on Shonen Jump+ for free. Both enthusiastic, long-time fans and the youngest generation of fans can enjoy the story anew. The new legend of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is unveiled.


Video Announcement on Youtube :

[Statements from the original authors, before its release]


Original writer: Riku Sanjo


I had heard the voices of long-time fans who had watched the first The Adventure of Dai animated series and want to see it come back through the latest technology. Finally, the dream is coming true in 2020. The first generation of comic readers is now old enough to create works of their own. Just hearing the staff’s enthusiastic conversation impresses me very much. I can’t wait to see Dai and the other characters come back.



Illustrator: Koji Inada


I am happy if the new animation series draws interest from everyone, whether they already know about The Adventure of Dai or not. It looks like production methods and many other things have changed since the last animated series. I am looking forward to seeing how Dai and other characters move around in the new animation.



Original plan: Yuji Horii


When we made Dragon Quest into a cartoon series, we wanted to ensure that it would maintain the perspective of the RPG, but the story would be different. With this in mind, we asked Mr. Sanjo and Mr. Inada to develop the comic. Around that time, Dragon Quest also became animation. After many years, it returns through the latest animation technology. Nothing else could make me so happy. I am filled with anticipation. I can’t wait to see it.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai


The world that was once afflicted by Demon King Hadlar has regained peace at the hands of a swordsman, known as a valiant, and his likeminded friends.


Times passes. Monsters released by the demon king inhabit the southern solitary island of Dermline. Dai, the only human being on the island and a young aspiring valiant, peacefully lives with the monsters until their lives are drastically changed by the return of Hadlar.


He makes a promise to his mentor, meets new friends, and struggles against his unescapable destiny. To save the world from the recurring crisis, the young boy Dai takes on an adventure in pursuit of valiance.


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