Please be sure to read the following notes before making an inquiry:

About Our Works

  • Because we receive a very large number of opinions and comments about our works, we may not be able to respond to all of them.
  • We do not accept proposals for ideas or projects. Should you send a proposal, we will dispose of it without assessing or reviewing it and will accept no responsibility or obligation.
  • We do not grant individuals permission to use any character images.
  • We will consider reports of copyright infringements but will not comment on them. We deal with copyright infringements, such as pirated products or illegal postings, in cooperation with professional external institutions as required.

About Products & DVDs

  • Because we receive a very large number of requests to produce products and DVD/VHS videos, we are unable to respond to all of them. Please also note that we may not always be able to produce the items that you request.
  • We are unable to provide advice on how to purchase DVD/VHS videos of our animations.Please contact your nearest video outlet.
  • Please also note that the Toei Animation Online Shop is for customers living in Japan, and we do not ship overseas.

Employment Opportunities

  • We post employment information to our Japanese website. Please note that this information is available in Japanese only, and appears irregularly.


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