World-class planning and production


We plan and produce animation for TV and movie theaters, deploying in various media such as TV, movie theaters, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, streaming platforms, smartphones, etc. 


Production of animation is the starting point of Toei Animation. We have produced a number of great works that added color to each period and have had many hits since our establishment in 1956. We are now actively deploying our works for streaming platforms in addition to the sale of the rights of producing package software of mainly Blu-ray discs and DVDs of our animation videos. 

TV animations

In 1963 when animation was first broadcast on TV, we started to produce Wolf Boy Ken, Japan’s first original animation for TV. With the rise of TV, the number of works dramatically increased. There are many works that are enjoyed timelessly by two generations such as parents and children.


1958年、当社が製作した日本初の劇場用フルカラー長編アニメーション「白蛇伝」とともに、当社の今日に至る歴史が始まりました。以後、長編オリジナル、テレビ作品のスピンオフなど 200 本以上の劇場作品を製作しており、昔も今もこれからも、当社のアニメーション製作の原点です。


膨大なフィルム原版をデジタル化あるいは各種メディア向けに新たにコンテンツを企画し、ブルーレイ・DVD等のパッケージ、 BS・CS 等の放送メディア、スマートフォンをはじめ携帯端末向けの映像配信、アプリ・オンラインゲーム事業等に活用するなど、広がり続けるあらゆるニーズにフレキシブルに対応していきます。

Video package (Blu-ray disc/DVD)

The video package business contributes to people who want to own their favorite works at home and see them whenever they like. One after another, we have been commercializing our enormous library of works from the time of our establishment up to our most recent one via Blu-ray disc or DVDs.

Video streaming

We are actively working on the sale of video streaming rights to streaming platforms. Also, we are producing works for streaming. The video streaming market is dramatically expanding, and the potential in the video streaming business is increasing more and more.

Online game apps

We are planning online game apps with a rapidly growing market. We are not only deploying game apps of popular works in Japan and overseas, but also developing games with a view to the multi-development of content after being deployed as a game.