Our Group aims for sustainable growth and the improvement of mid- and long-term corporate value based on the starting point of “Becoming much stronger as an animation production company”.
Our most important issue is to expand mobilization opportunities as much as possible by leveraging our competitive advantage as an animation production company possessing Japan’s largest and a world-leading number of works, as well as continuously creating new and attractive works.

(1) Preparation of planning of various works based on the portfolio strategy (area, work, and business)

Due to the declining birthrate, low TV ratings, and diversified consumer needs, the environment surrounding our strong business model (original animations for children, TV, and toys) has been changing. Under these circumstances, we aim to create hits by developing a new business scheme in addition to the existing business model, segmentalize the market both in Japan and overseas, combine an optimal collection engine for each target and genre, and prepare a number of various new works.

(2) Expansion of new business partners and the exploration of new secondary use by the development of new business

We have been expanding the markets by using the growing market of video streaming and app games. We aim at sustainable growth and development and improve the business foundation that enables us to promote a wide range of new challenges such as cross-departmental projects, etc.

(3) Enhancement of production capability and appropriate production cost management

There are issues such as the reduction of overtime work and reconsideration of labor productivity due to the promotion of “work style reform” and response to the rapid evolution of animation production technology such as computer graphics (CG) and digital drawing. Under these circumstances, we will reinforce the training of human resources for the future, improve the production environment, and thus enhance the production capability with high quality and increased productivity. We will proceed with the management of flexible and appropriate production costs for each work to create a number of various works through the development of a new business scheme.

(4) Establishment of a promotion organization for a new business scheme according to the market environment

We have reorganized the planning department, the core of works, to rapidly respond to the market change and maximize the value of works by developing a new business scheme for each work. The producer who controls the entire work will strengthen cooperation in the company and promote the business of each work in a consistent manner in the future.