Animated television program DIGIMON Adventure began airing in 1999 and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. As a culmination of this, a completely revamped version of DIGIMON Adventure will be broadcast in 2020. DIGIMON Adventure is the first and the most popular series of the DIGIMON franchises.


The new version will depict a new adventure, only possible today, as the digital world and the real world have come closer to each other.

Taichi Yagami, Agumon and the chosen kids

start a new adventure.




It is 2020.
Networks are already indispensable in people’s lives.
But humans are unaware of the digital world, an infinite world on the other side of the network, and the digital monsters that inhabit it.


A giant network problem occurs, mainly in central Tokyo.
Traffic signals flash irregularly.
Digital signage becomes garbled.
The news reports cyberterrorism.


The lead character is Taichi Yagami, a fifth-grade student living in a high-rise apartment building in the suburbs of Tokyo.
While Taichi is home alone preparing for a weekend summer camp, his mother and his younger sister, Hikari, go to Shibuya and happen to be on the train that becomes unstoppable.
Taichi rushes to Shibuya to save his mother and sister. 
On his way to the station platform, a mysterious phenomenon occurs, and Taichi, one of the “chosen kids,” finds himself being in the digital world.


The kids meet their partner DIGIMON and take on an unknown adventure.

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Taichi Yagami


A fifth-year elementary schooler,
Taichi is high-spirited and always acts before speaking.
He leads his friends with his inherent courage
and ability to take action.



Agumon is Taichi’s partner,
a reptile-like, bipedal digital monster.
Its signature move is Baby Flame,
a bullet of flame from its mouth.


©Akiyoshi Hongo, Fuji TV, Toei Animation