The popular animated TV show World Trigger is produced by Toei Animation. The previous 73-episode series originally aired from October 5, 2014 to April 3, 2016 and was adapted from Daisuke Ashihara’s popular science-fiction comic book World Trigger, which was also published in Weekly Shonen Jump and Jump Square (Shueisha). Since beginning on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, it has developed an enthusiastic fanbase and is still one of the most popular comics after moving to Jump Square.

★The new series of animated TV show
 World Trigger goes into production!


It has been decided that a sequel the the animated TV show World Trigger will go into production and the new series will be broadcast on TV Asahi.


This SF action cartoon tells the story of the battle between Neighbors, invaders from parallel universe, and the border defense organization, Border.
Four years have passed since the gate from the parallel universe opened and the Neigbor invasion began.
At the story begins, Yuma Kuga, a humanoid Neighbor, meets Border soldier Osamu Mikumo.


While the Mikumo Unit engages in a Class B battle for promotion to Class A and inclusion in the conquest forces, a force from the Neigbor state
Galopoula appears and assaults Border HQ under orders from Aftokrator, the largest Neighbor miliary state of Neighbor.
Border secretly summons a select force of elite soldiers to fight back against Galopoula. This is where the new series begins.


Can Border successfully protect its headquarters from the large invasion force of Trion soldiers from Galopoula?
As the story leads you to new heights of excitement, the evolution of animated TV show World Trigger continues.
Stay tuned for future updates!


*See the video announcement of the new series on Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel!


★A message from Mr. Daisuke Ashihara, author of the original comic book

One year after moving to Jump Square, World Trigger begins a new animated saga.
I am thankful to receive such good news as 2019 comes to a close.


Next year, I will continue to work hard without overextending myself. Your continued support is appreciated very much.

★Messages from voice actors and actresses

Of course, the major voice actors and actresses from the first series are with us again! They share their excitement for the new series.

Tomo Muranaka (Yuma Kuga)


Wow, A chance to meet all of you again!
The new series is going to be even better than the last one. I will hold the “trigger” and be all fired up!


Now I should eat chicken curry and rice.

Yuki Kaji (Osamu Mikumo)


I am very glad to have the chance to watch the World Trigger animation and to play the role of Osamu again!


Be sure to rewatch the first series and get ready for the next. Look forward to it!


Trigger started!

Nao Tamura (Chika Amatori)


I am very happy to have the chance to reprise the role of Chika.


I hope everyone is looking forward to watching the new series!

Yuichi Nakamura (Yuichi Jin)


I think the last series brought you many forms of fun:
sometimes it went as written in the original while at other times it unfolded differently.
What will the new series be like? You can’t wait for it.


”My side effect says so."

Nobunaga Shimazaki (Hughes)


The last series ended just as Hughes was obviously about to do something big.
Words cannot explain how happy I am about the sequel.


I will do my best to present what happened next, so you can enjoy it.