Toei Animation Co., Ltd., is producing the new series of “SAINT SEIYA-soul of gold-”, as the newest “SAINT SEIYA” series, which will start distribution in 2015 spring.


The keyword for this new SAINT SEIYA is "soul of gold ". The Gold Saints finally return, after supposedly being destroyed while giving their lives for Seiya and friends.  The main characters this time are none other than Leo Aiolia, and the other eleven proud Gold Saints!  This series, with its new look for the Gold Saints, will be a fitting start to the 2015 Saint Seiya Legend.  You can look forward to the Gold Saints' new fight in Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold!

©Masami Kurumada/ Saint Seiya Soul of Gold Production Committee
©Masami Kurumada/ Saint Seiya Soul of Gold Production Committee

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Author:Masami Kurumada                  
Series director:Joji Furuta
Series structure:Toshimitsu Takeuchi
Character design:Motohashi Hideyuki
Music:Toshihiko Sahashi





The twelve Gold Saint cast members from Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter are returning!          


Leo Aiolia:Hideyuki Tanaka
Sagittarius Aiolos:Yara Yusaku
Aries Mu:Takumi Yamazaki
Taurus Aldebaran:Tessyo Genda
Gemini Saga:Ryutaro Okiayu
Cancer Death Mask:Ryoichi Tanaka
Virgo Shaka:Yuji Mitsuya
Libra Dohko:Kenyu Horiuchi
Scorpius Milo:Toshihiko Seki
Capricornus Shura:Takeshi Kusao
Aquarius Camus:Nobutoshi Kanna
Pisces Aphrodite:Keichi Nanba





During the conflict with Hades, the twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall so Seiya and friends could get past it!  Aiolia and the Gold Saints were not destroyed, however.  Just why have they come back now, when they were thought to be lost forever?  With this great mystery remaining, the battle begins for the Gold Saints.  In 2015, the gold Cosmos will finally be revived!!