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Toei Animation has been consistently developing planning, production, marketing, and licensing businesses, and overseas operations.
We plan to expand operations further in the through joint efforts with our group companies. 




Sato Bldg., 1-5-2 Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0074
TEL +81-3-3371-1135  FAX +81-3-3369-6801


When Toei Animation was established in 1956, TAVAC was launched as the section handling the recording of full-length animation features and CF productions. It was also in charge of the finishing touches on editing and technology. In 1973, TAVAC CO., LTD. was set up to hold the editing and recording sections.

TAVAC has four studios, including one that handles voice-recording and an MA room for putting the finishing touches on the video process. TAVAC is also fully equipped with a non-linear editing room, a preview room, and a positive/negative editing room as well.

TAVAC has also been expanding and developing its various production businesses by making all of the studios adaptable to digitalization, and working on the production of DVDs.



5F Nakano Central Park East,
4-10-1, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001
TEL +81-3-5318-0695  FAX +81-3-5318-0696

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Since its establishment in 2001, TOEI ANIMATION MUSIC PUBLISHING has been producing music, maintaining and managing rights for all of Toei Animation’s works in general.

While simultaneously maintaining links with the music publishers connected with TV stations, manufacturing corporations, and productions, TOEI ANIMATION MUSIC PUBLISHING has been proceeding to make its own unique system for producing features that only an animation company is capable of.

In recent years, demands for new styles of business are increasing in the music industry, as seen in the sudden growth of the ring one melody business.

By continuing to plan music albums based on animation music, placing effort into the excavation and training of talented vocalists, and by participating and cooperating with various industries besides the animation industry, TOEI ANIMATION MUSIC PUBLISHING will continue to pursue its search for the expansion of a new film music business.



9th floor, Cyber One Building, Eastwoodcity Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
TEL +63-2-687-1720  FAX +63-2-687-7362


In 1986, this company got its start as a finishing work contractor studio of ITCA, which was a subsidiary of EEI (a construction company). In 1992, it became EEI-TOEI Animation Corp., a joint venture between EEI and Toei Animation; and in 1999, it became a 100% subsidiary of Toei Animation.

Toei Animation Phils has about 160 employees and carries out approximately 70% of the entire Toei Animation’s workload in animation pictures, background, and the finishing processes.



Unit 1604-05, Island Place Tower, 510 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
TEL +852-2-564-1191  FAX +852-2-564-3567


In 1997, Toei Animation established TOEI ANIMATION ENTERPRISES (TAE) as a joint venture and locally incorporated company in Hong Kong. TAE thereby began full-fledged business activities as a marketing base for the Asian region. From its very founding, TAE Hong Kong has contributed considerably to expanding Toei Animation’s operations abroad by establishing very close relations with television stations in the region and local merchandise licensees. That, in turn, has enabled us to sell even more works abroad. Moreover, TAE takes advantage of the regional benefits of Southeast Asia as a manufacturing base for the products of the world. It also carries out service operations such as proposing promotion plans and introducing product manufactures to clients around the world who hope to merchandise Toei Animation's characters. In this way, TAE conducts merchandise licensing operations that are a step ahead of others.



11150 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 1150 Los Angeles , CA 90064 USA


TOEI ANIMATION has been distributing its popular Japanese Animation films and derivative character licensing through local partners all over American regions for over 13 years. TOEI ANIMATION INCORPORATED (TAI). a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toei Animation Co., Ltd. established in Los Angeles in March 2004, looks forward to spreading the world-renowned Japanese animation studio’s extensive library and pursuing co-production projects in North and Latin America and other English-speaking territories worldwide. The main business operations of TAI include film licensing in all media and emerging platforms, merchandise licensing and co-productions with local establishments.



37 rue du Four 75006 Paris France

TEL +33-0-1-75-00-15-53  FAX +33-0-1-45-48-58-83

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Considering access to the 5 major markets in Europe; France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK; Toei Animation Europe S.A.S (TAEU) was established in Paris, France in December 2004.

The establishment of this local office enables direct and strategic planning with local major television stations and merchandising licensees.

TAEU also globally expands its boundaries for licensing in areas such as Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. 



Unit807, Feidiao International Plaza, No.1065, Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
TEL +8621-3368-0306 FAX +8621-3368-0307


Toei Animation opened up a Shanghai Representative Office in July of 2006, located in the central industrialized district in Shanghai, to expand its animation distribution and licensing business into mainland China. 
Covering areas all the way from Beijing to Guangzhou, Shanghai Representative Office’s consistent involvement with local business partners has established many key relationships, thus expanding its animation properties to millions of China’s potential viewers and consumers.