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81 min. 38 sec.  Jul. 21 1968


Hols, a small motherless boy, lives with his father and Koro, a little bear, in a wrecked ship on a remote beach of Norway. On a mountain he is attacked by a herd of wolves working for MONSTER Gunwald. Gigantic Rock Man appears and drives away the wolves. Then he gives the boy a fine sword, the Sword of the Sun, telling that he will be called the Prince of the Sun when he forges the sword thoroughly and becomes strong enough to use it freely. That night his sick father dies after telling him to go a village and to fight Grunwald joining forces with villagers. Hols leaves by boat with Koro for some place where people live. On their way, Grunwald has an eagle bring Hols to him and tells to help him burn villages and kill people. Refusing him flatly, Hols is about to be slashed with Grunwald’s sword. It just strikes the Sword of the Sun on the boy’s back and he falls over a cliff. The ice with him on it floating on river is found by a boy in a village and he is taken to the house of Ganko, and old blacksmith. There he learns that the villagers are in trouble as a gigantic barracuda living near the waterfall prevents them from catching fish. Hols goes to the river and kills the fish after fierce fight. It is clear that it was sent from Grunwald. When he is celebrating a good catch of fish with the villagers, Koro comes trudging to the village.
Hols and Koro meet a beautiful girl called Hilda in a deserted village. Without knowing that she is Grunwald’s sister, they take her to their village, where she enchants all people with her wonderful singing. Drago, a man who is jealous of Hols, plans to get rid of him by using her. Although she loves Hols, she agrees to help him as she receives an order from Grunwald to kill Hols. Drago’s plan works and some villagers start to think that Hols is Grunwald’s spy. When he is going to lave the village to find out who is behind the scenes, Hilda tells him who she really is and that he must die as he is betrayed by human beings. Hols entreats her to take back her right mind, but she makes him fall over a cliff into Labyrinth Wood.
While he is looking for and exit frantically, Grunwald attacks the village and causes a fierce snow storm. But the brave villagers decide to protect the village by making a big fire. When Koro is about to be buried in the snow on a mountain, Hillda appears and gives him her magic necklace which enables him to fly. Left behind in the snow, she is buried in it. After managing to come out from the wood, Hols rushes back to the village. Then he asks Ganko to forge the Sword of the Sun with the fire the villagers made. When he attacks Grunwald with the forged sword, he flies away. Koro gives Hols Hilda’s magic necklace. Hols chases Grunwald flying into his Ice Castle. He succeeds in killing Grunwald with the help of the villagers. Then he embraces Hilde who has come back to life as a right-minded human girl.