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80 min. 50 sec.  Mar. 17 1970


Lemy was living in the small village of Shavenon, France, poor but happily with his good friend, Chappy and Pepe, the parrot, and his dear mother, Barbaron. But all this came to sudden end with the return of father Jerome who furt his leg in Paris. Lemy was a founding picked up in front of the Notre Dame 8 years ago. Jerome sells Lemy to Vitarius.
Vitarius once was a famous singer at Theatre Opera in Pris but has turned to become a traveling entertainer since he lost his voice. Lemy becomes very good friends with Vitarius Troupe’s stars, Jelloycool, the monkey, Zerbino and Drchie, the dogs. Cappy joins the troupe as well and they travel from one place to another. Lemy learns to play harp from Vitarius and Cappy learns tricks from Jollycool. There were good times and there also were bad times and the troupe had to sleep on the ground with empty stomachs.
Misfortune falls on the troupe one night in the Alps when they stopped overnight in the cottage. Jollycool, Zerbino and Dorchie, who went out to fetch the fire logs were attacked by the wolves. Next morning finds Jollycool atop to tree, unconscious and freezing. Within few days, he too, passes away. Losing the entire stars, Vitarius breaks his promise and sings but he is jailed for 3 months because he was entertaining without police permit.
Lemy and Cappy are saved by Mrs. Milligan who is searching for her child who was abducted when he was a baby. They live on the river boat, White Swan with Lisa and the pet dog, Bellatollia. Vitarius comes out of the jail and Madame Milligan wishes him to stay on the White Swan with Lemy but he refuses and Lemy follows Vitarius leaving the one treasured item he has, the rosary, with Lisa. However, Vitarius falls and passes away in the shattered windmill house holding Lemy’s hand.
Mrs. Milligan now knows that Lemy was the child she was looking for by the rosary he left behind and asks her brother-in-law James to bring Lemy to their castle in Le Anne but he happens to be the very one who stole and left Lemy so that he can inherit the property. He finds Lemy in Paris and locks him up at the castle and informs Mrs. Milligan that Lemy fell into the River Seine and died. The down-hearted Mrs. Milligan returns to London. Meanwhile, Lemy and Cappy manages to escape the watch dog Great and finally catches up with Mrs. Milligan on board the ship going from France to England.
This is a happy days for Lemy and Cappy with real mother and sister. But Lemy decides to leave because Barbaron is now alone and poor. He informs his mother that once he does everything he can for her, he’ll return to her again and leaves for Shavenon.