The Debut of Weekly Shonen Jump's popular sci-fi action Manga on TV!
Starts on TV Asahi Network at 6:30 a.m. on October 5, 2014


The Debut of Weekly Shonen Jump's popular sci-fi action Manga on TV!


Toei Animation Co., Ltd., is producing the new TV Series of WORLD TRIGGER which will start on TV Asahi Network and etc. at 6:30 a.m. on October 5, 2014. World Trigger, Original story by Daisuke Ashihara, is a highly popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. It began serialization in 2013 and is a sci-fi action story with dedicated fans amongst teenage boys and girls.

Up and coming creators, the script writer Hiroyuki Yoshino, the chalacter designer Toshihisa Kaitani / Hitomi Tsuruta and the directer Mitsuru Hongo, have gathered! They have produced World Torigger with the greatest respect for the original Manga.



(c)Daisuke Ashihara/Shueisha, Toei Animation

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Original story:Daisuke Ashihara
Script writer:Hiroyuki Yoshino
Music:Kenji Kawai
Chalacter design:Toshihisa Kaitani /Hitomi Tsuruta
Art Design:Hyun-jung Lee/Masanobu Nomura
Art Director:Shinichi Imano
Director:Mitsuru Hongo

【Voice cast】
Yuma Kuga:Tomo Muranaka
Osamu Mikumo:Yuki Kaji
Chika Amatori:Nao Tamura
Yuichi Jin:Yuichi Nakamura
Replica:Hideyuki Tanaka
Jun Arashiyama:Nobuhiko Okamoto
Kyosuke Karasuma:Jun Fukuyama
Kirie Konami:Rie Kugimiya
Reiji Kizaki:Tomoaki Maeno
Ai Kitora:Kana Hanazawa
Shuji Miwa:Seichi Morita
Masafumi Shinoda:Takeshi Kusao
Rindo Takumi:Keiji Fujiwara



Mikado City, population 280,000.

One day, a gate to another world opened in this city.
Invaders from another dimension, referred to thereafter as Neighbors, overran the area around the gate, leaving the city gripped by fear.
Earth weapons proved largely ineffective against the Neighbors, and it seemed like just a matter of time until the city's destruction.
However, a mysterious group suddenly appeared and repelled the Neighbors.
This Border Defense Agency independently researches Neighbor technology and fights to protect this world.  In a short time,
they managed to build an enormous base and prepare a defensive system against the Neighbors.
It's been four years since then.  Despite the fact that the gate is still open, only a surprisingly small number of people leave Mikado City.

High school student Osamu Mikumo is one of Border's members.
One day, a transfer student comes to his class.  For some reason, this boy named Yuma Kuga has a weapon called a Trigger, which only Border personnel are permitted to carry.
When Osamu questions him about it, Yuma says, "I came from the world beyond the gate.  I'm one of what you guys call Neighbors."

The story of Yuma and Osamu is set into motion.