We have developed many of our popular characters into diverse types of merchandise such as toys, games, stationery goods, food products, clothing, and more. In this way, we hope to make it possible for fans to be with the characters they adore all the time.

Our company’s creations always present characters that are up to date with the rapidly changing world.

They become trends and some even become social phenomena. In addition to characters form works currently broadcasted on television or being shown n theaters, we have many works that retain a deeply rooted popularity, even after the particular show has ended its run.

Our pursuit of possible license businesses, mainly with TV series for theatrical films and original video animation (OVA), will drive continued rapid progress.

Characters for Campaigns and Promotions

Characters from our animation titles are not only used in concrete merchandising but also in campaigns, sales promotion, corporate PR, and many more.

Character That Are Loved Beyond Generations

Every one has memories treasured from their childhood. Nowadays memories of the past have become something inseparable from characters. To rediscover the characters one adored in the past, and to enjoy the same characters with ones own children, have brought on character booms. Our appealing characters continue to sparkle within the flow of time.