Toei Animation has been producing works of animation mainly of television series along with other types of work such as theatrical features and OVA.

With the rapid development of digitalization, we as the leading company in the animation industry, have been creating a standard for techniques in animation, centered on full digitalization and the use of networks.

RABBIT High Speed Network System for Digital Animation Production

►Full Digitalization
Production processes are fully digital. The new system is completely compatible with high-definition broadcasting.

A high speed network system is used to connect Toei Animation, Toei Animation Phils., Inc. and 21 other production companies in Japan .

CG Production

Toei Animation applies its know-how in 2D animation to its numerous works of computer graphics.

  • Robo D'z


Toei Animation has chalked up quite a history since the theatrical release of the first Japanese-made full- length color animation feature, “The White Snake”, in 1958. Our work currently numbers to more than 9,600 episodes, including TV series, theatrical films, Original Video Animation (OVA), and more. These titles continue to be loved by people throughout the world, regardless of nationality or age group.

With the audio-visual media continuing to rapidly diversify, each department is working close and in cooperation with each other to offer magnificent features of animation.

By digitalization (Digital Beta cam) the original negatives of our selling volume of film, we have been able to apply them to packaged media such as DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) software, broadcast media such as satellite broadcasting, and distribute image contents on mobile telephones and on broadband networks. We are always aware and ready to flexibly respond to the ever-expanding needs of the consumer.


    Complete DVD-BOX
  • DVDs

The package media market has been developing rapidly. In order to respond to its needs, we have been turning a wide range our works from famous masterpieces of the past to programs currently being broadcasted, into DVD software.

With the cooperation of a marketing company proficient in distribution know-how, great numbers of merchandise that we have worked on from the product plan to marketing have gained absolute support from many people. More over, we have been actively undertaking the contents development of completely new works such as OVA (Original Video Animation), aimed at high targets premised in turning out DVD software.


Toei Animation has been offering works to broadcasting media, other than those that use surface waves, such as satellite broadcasting, in order to have even more people enjoy the ever expanding collection of our works. Ranging from famous titles that are familiar to everyone to new pieces that can be seen only on satellite broadcasts, our high quality line up emotionally moves people regardless of generation.

    The Hades chapter-Elysion

Broadband Distribution

We have been taking full advantage of Toei Animation’s line up of digitalized works in developing broadband distribution services.

  • TOEI ANIME BB Premium
  • Play with PRETTY CURE
    Educational content

Mobile Phone Content

We have been developing contents for three carries (docomo, au, Softbank), and offer sites that offer geared services like ring tones from Toei Animation titles, stand-by screens, ring voices、mini game, and more.