Dividend Information

The Company’s basic policy on the distribution of profits

The Company considers securing profits for its shareholders to be one of its most important management objectives. Looking at the Company’s business environment, many different business opportunities are emerging, reflecting the rapid progress in digitization, the emergence of multimedia, and ongoing globalization. However, at the same time the Company also faces intensifying competition. In this environment, the Company is working to enhance its enterprise value by actively investing in profit-earning opportunities in fields with growth potential to grow further as a leading global company in the animation industry. The basic policy on dividends is to distribute stable dividends on a consistent basis. Under this basic policy, the Company determines the dividends, taking into consideration factors such as securing internal funds for aggressive business development based on the Company’s medium- to long-term business plans and operating results. In general, the Company only distributes dividends at the end of the fiscal year. The amount of dividends distributed is determined by the meeting of shareholders.

In light of the operating results for this fiscal year, the Company plans to pay a year-end dividend per share of 30 yen.

Dividends per Share

2016/3 30.00yen (estimated)(Ordinary dividend)
2015/3 45.00yen (Special dividend 15yen)
2014/3 45.00yen (Special dividend 15yen)
2013/3 60.00yen(Special dividend 30yen)
2012/3 60.00yen(Special dividend 30yen)
2011/3 50.00yen (Special dividend 30yen)
2010/3 30.00yen (Special dividend 10yen)
2009/3 30.00yen (Special dividend 10yen)
2008/3 25.00yen (Special dividend 5yen)
2007/3 35.00yen (Special dividend 15yen)
2006/3 40.00yen (50th anniversary and special dividend 25yen)
2005/3 15.00yen
2004/3 15.00yen
2003/3 15.00yen (Special dividend 7.50yen)
2002/3 7.50yen   (Special dividend 2.5yen)
2001/3 6.25yen   (Memorial dividend 2.5yen)
2000/3 3.75yen

※)On August 1, 2006, the Company conducted a 2-for-1 stock split.
The figures for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006 and the preceding years reflect the stock split conducted on August 1, 2006.