Candy, an orphan, has been brought up the Pony’s House, an orphanage. One day she comes across a nice looking boy, and thereafter he remains in her heart as an adorable prince. Candy is adopted into the wealthy Legan family, where she also finds Niel, a boy; his sister, Eliza; and their grandaunt, Eroil. Niel and Eliza often play clever tricks on Candy. That causes Eroil to get all the more angry at Candy, and Anthony unfortunately to misunderstand her. Eventually she decides to return to the Pony’s House. Going down the river in a boat, she is carried away by the rapids of a waterfall. Fortunately a man named Mr. Albert rescues her. With his encouragement, she returns to the Legans. However they press her with an unjust charge of theft, and make her leave the house to work for a farmer in Mexico.

No. of Episodes 115 episodes
Aired Oct. 1, 1976 - Feb. 2, 1979

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