The Straw Hat Pirates decide to go watch a play by the Randolph Theater Group which stages their shows on a ship. That day is their leader Randolph’s last performance, but a few actors suddenly leave the ship, forcing Randolph to use Luffy and his friends to stand in for some parts. During the intermission, the Straw Hat Pirates learn that Randolph used to be a Navy Lieutenant Commander whose family was killed by pirates. On the other hand, Randolph learns that his stand-ins are actually pirates. Enraged, he picks a fight with Luffy, but before they can settle the score, the Navy comes aboard and accuses him of stealing weapons from the Navy and selling them to pirates. Randolph is taken away to Commander Gabana, who used to be Randolph’s subordinate who he court marshaled for killing another Navy crewman. Although Gabana was found innocent, he has a grudge against Randolph for setting back his career in the Navy, and to get revenge, he planted the weapons on Randolph’s ship. Luffy helps Randolph escape and promises to protect his last performance from the Navy’s attack. While the Straw Hat Pirates fight off Gabana, Randolph goes back on stage to complete the play. In the last scene, the character he plays is supposed to declare his hatred toward all pirates, but Randolph changes his lines on the spot where instead of condemning pirates, he condemns the greedy and contemptible.

Aired Dec. 14 2003




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