A girl named Amanda and her sister and brother are captured by pirate Zap, who is after the treasure Amanda’s dead father discovered. With help from Zap’s crewmen Maccus and Bonnie, they escape and go to the island where Amanda claims the treasure is hidden. There, they run into the Straw Hat Pirates and lie to them that they are a family on a camping trip. The truth eventually comes out, and Nami agrees to help them look for the treasure. However, Amanda—as well as Luffy, who tries to save her—is recaptured by Zap. They are taken to his captain, Bayan, who can conduct a symphony that controls people’s actions. Using this strange power, Bayan makes Amanda show him the map to the treasure, which is tattooed on her back, and he also makes Luffy attack his own ship. But Usopp uses his new weapon he developed with Chopper to stop the symphony, thus enabling Luffy to blast away Bayan and Zap. When they go back to the island to look for the treasure, they discover that the island is actually a giant shellfish and that the treasure is a giant pearl inside it.

Aired Apr. 6 2003




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