Low on cash, Luffy and his friends enter a pirates’ race for a prize of 30 million berries. General Gusparday, a former marine and now a wicked pirate, is one of the favorites of the race. He invites Shryer, a mysterious bounty hunter, to join his crew after he sees him fighting with Luffy in a tavern. Meanwhile, young Badger is desperate to get medicine for his ailing “grandfather,” Biera, who is the boiler man on Gusparday’s ship. In an attempt to win the bounty on Luffy, Badger sneaks on board the Going Merry but is caught by Zoro. And then the race begins. The pirates start arriving at the goal, only to find that it is actually a marine corps base and that they’ve been set up by Gusparday. The Going Merry manages to escape, and the crew vows to find Gusparday and the real goal. On Gusparday’s ship, Shryer, who had lost his baby sister eight years ago because of Gusparday, tries to get revenge and goes after his life. But Shryer is no match for the General, who has the power of the Sugar Syrup Devil’s Fruit. Soon Luffy arrives, and the fight between him and Gusparday starts. To escape the ship and to bring an end to Gusparday, Biera blows up the ship, and rescues Luffy and Shryer who had lost consciousness from the fierce fighting and the explosion. Shryer then finds out from the Biera that Badger is actually his little sister, who the old man had rescued during the attack. The race comes to an end when the brother and sister unite and as Luffy and his friends find the real goal. Although they are forced to give up the prize money in order to flee from the marines, the crew of the Going Merry merrily head on to their next adventure.

Aired Mar. 1, 2003




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