Takuya Kanbara is a fifth grader and a good football player. He happens to answer a cell phone and receives a strange message by e-mail. Getting a hunch, Takuya rushes out of his house and guided by the e-mail, he gets on a subway without knowing where it is bound for. There are some other children who are called by the instruction from the e-mail on the same train, which runs in the DigiWorld before they notice. The subway train Takuya and the children took is found out to be not an ordinary vehicle but a vehicle type of Digimon.
Then Takuya and friends hear a story about Digi-Spirits the legend says Ancient-10 possessed. As they reach a certain town in the DigiWorld, evil Cerberusmon has been attacking innocent Digimons. Takuya tries to run away shielding the other children who are frightened, when suddenly the cell phone Takuya carries with him transforms into a strange Digivice. It then emits a I, streak of light and a beautiful ball (that is Digi-Spirit) emerges. Digimon Digi-Spirit Evolution!" Takuya has transformed into a legendary fighter Agunimon the fire. Takuya who has digivolved to Agunimon beats Cerberusmon with his technique Burning Salamander. Thus Takuya and our hero children become the fighters who inherit Digi-Spirits of the legend. What is Digi-Spirits of the legend anyway? And what is the mission waiting for the children? All the answers are kept in secret till the quest ends.

No. of Episodes 50 episodes
Aired Apr. 7, 2002 - Mar. 30, 2003





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