Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Ruki and Renamon fight against Pteranomon destroying the city. Ruki and Renamon notice there is computer virus problem.
At night, violent digimons attack Minami and Takato. Guilmon defeats one digimon. But, when another digimon attacks Minami, suddenly Siesamon is hypostatized from her Notebook PC and saves her.
However, a strange digimon, Mantarymon appears from the sea and kidnaps her.
In Tokyo, Ruki and Renamon fight against BlueMeramon. In Okinawa, Jen and Terriermon are attcked by a dangerous digimon on the sea. When they defeat those digimons, Omegamon makes road to the Digital World for them.
Takato and Kai sneak into the laboratory of “V-pet” company in order to save Minami. There, they fight against some digimons and save Minami and her father. Then, Minami’s father explains about virus attached to the “V-pet” program and also there is a vaccine program. He realized the conspiracy and developed a vaccine program as a Siesamon.
The president of “V-pet” company attacks Siesamon and reveals his conspiracy and his true  identity that he is not a human but a digimon, Mephisomon.
Suddenly, Ruki, Renamon, Jen and Terriermon appear through the Digital World, taken by Omnimon who have been fighting against Mephismon in the Digital World. Megaro-Growmon, Paridmon, Taomon unite their strength and beat the Mephismon by using their special attack “Trinity Burst”.
Minami realizes that Siesamon has the spirit of her dog who died several years ago.

Aired Jul. 14, 2001





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