One day, Luffy fishes out a treasure chest from the sea. Inside, there is a skull that mentions a secret treasure in the “belly button of the sea.” Then the Going Merry comes upon a big hole in the middle of the ocean, and Nami, Usopp, and Sanji take the barrel submarine down into it as they suspect it is the very belly button that the skull mentions. But down in the open space at the bottom of the hole, they are attacked by a giant octopus monster. It even overpowers Sanji, but the Going Merry suddenly falls on top of it, saving them just in time. Sanji decides to take a rest after fighting the monster, but Nami and Usopp head off to look for the treasure, guided by a talking bat. Meanwhile, Luffy and Zolo arrive at a town at the bottom of the hole. There, they are attacked by a giant lobster monster but manage to fight it off for the time being. They learn from townspeople Meloi and Hamoo that ten years ago, a pirate, Captain Joke, and his men plundered their town and went to the Mountain of God to look for the treasure. Their action enraged God and released the holy beasts that were protecting the treasure, and since then, the townspeople have been forced to stay inside their houses. Hamoo’s mother, who was the town’s chief, went after the pirates but never came back. Luffy and Zolo decide to help them hunt down the beasts. As they are making their way to the mountain, the lobster beast reappears, and Zolo stays back to fight it while Luffy and Hamoo head toward the mountain. Meanwhile, Nami and Usopp reach the top of the mountain where the treasure lies. They are attacked by a giant sea urchin monster, but Luffy arrives in time to protect them. With the three beasts dead, Captain Joke comes back to life and tries to take the treasure for himself. But Hamoo musters his courage and attacks the ghost pirate with some help from the Straw Hat Pirates. The spirit of Captain Joke disappears forever, but the treasure also disappears. However, after the Straw Hat Pirates leave the belly button of the sea, the treasure reappears as well as the beasts that protect it.

Aired Dec.20 2000




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