Doremi, a nine years old girl happened to find out the Witch who pretended as an owner of Magic Shop. That disclosure of the secret made the Witch change to a worm, and Doremi have to become a disciple of the Witch to return her from a worm.
Doremi and her two friends succeeded to the Magic Shop. As the disciples of the witch, three girls got the changing clothes, magic stick and flying broom.
They sold magic items on Saturdays and on Sundays at the Shop, and they can get the magic balls from the wholesale store in Witch World.
At the climax of each episode, they use magic and solve their problems. The growth of their characters through many experiences gives them to use a variety of magic skills such as changing everything or coming back to past time...

No. of Episodes 51 episodes
Aired Feb. 7, 1999 - Jan. 30, 2000
Copyright (C)Toei Animation. All Rights Reserved

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