In Kami' s tower, Dende and Mr.Popo were sweating because Goku and Ubb were fighting each other for graduate training and the tower was crumbled by them. Meanwhile, Pirafu troop who fought with Goku before for getting the Dragon Balls invaded into Kami' s tower for stealing the Sealed Dragon Balls in the tower. If they could have the Sealed Dragon Balls, their dream that they overcome all over the world will be realized because the Dragon Balls got more power than normal ones. However, his ambition was not realized because Goku found them out and Piraf was in panic and made Goku a small boy by using the power of the Sealed Dragon Balls. After Guku became a small boy, the Sealed Dragon Balls spread into the space. Actually, the Sealed Dragon Balls were terrible things. The normal Dragon Balls cannot disclaim the power of the Sealed ones. If they could not find out the 7 spread Sealed Dragon Balls again, the Earth will be disappeared.

No. of Episodes 64 episodes
Aired Feb. 7, 1996 - Nov. 19, 1997




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