Goku is fighting against Paikuhan at the Martial Championship Tournament of the Other World, when a Spirit Laundering machine explodes at the Yenma world. Spirit Laundering Machine is the machine to purify the spirit of evil people. When it explodes, the evil spirits are shot out of the machine and Janenba is born. Janenba wraps up the Yenma World with King Yenma sealed inside. Goku and Paikuhan rush to the Yenma World to save out King Yenma. They fight against Janenba.

On the earth, the dear Frieza and the other strong enemies revive.

In the Yenma World, Goku fights against Janenba who makes attacks with Spaceless Punch and Body-Dividing. Goku, transforming to Super Saiyan 3, defeats it. But although it seems to have been destroyed, Janenba revives transforming into another figure.

On the earth, Goten and Trunks call out Shenron, the holy dragon, and make a wish to return those revived people to the world for the dead. But finding it is not possible for Shenron to grant such wish, Gohan and Trunks transform to Super Saiyan and start fighting against them again.

Goku in the form of Super Saiyan 3 is making difficult fights against Janenba who attacks from various directions dividing his body. Goku is trapped in the blood pond and can do nothing against the attack of Janenba. At the very moment, Vegeta revives as the substantial being. His revival has become available because King Yenma was sealed up. However, Vegeta is also inferior to Janenba, who makes strange attacks such as Growing Arms, etc.

In order to defeat Janenba, no other way will be available for Goku and Vegeta but to make fusion themselves. First, Vegeta refused it, since he is so proud of himself that he insists to be independent. But accepting Goku’s persuasion, he starts learning how to make fusion. First, they failed and the result of fusion is something not what they expected. Then, while Paikuhan undertakes the battle, they make another challenge of fusion. This time, they get succeeded and a fusion character, Gogeta, is born. With the combined super power of Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta defeats Janenba.

On the earth, Super Gotenks, a fusion character of Goten and Trunks, defeats the deads.

The peace of earth is restored. Saying good-bye to Goku, Vegeta comes back to his spiritual being, saying good-bye to Goku,

Aired Mar. 4, 1995




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