Mr. Stan is so surprised with this unexpected development and tries to hide himself away somehow. But hearing the cheers of the audience, he gets curious what’s going on and decides to go over the Battle Zone.

Transforming into Super Saiyan, Trunks defeat Gokua, but is defeated by Boujack who suddenly appeared. Vegeta, at home, feels a strange anxiety. In order to help their friends, Tien and Yamcha rush to the Battle Zone. But Bujin and Zangya defeat them. Gohan, transforming into Super Saiyan fights against them. But the combination attack of Bido, Bujin and Zangya are too tough for him. When Boujack joined them for attacking Gohan, Piccolo arrives and scarcely helps Gohan. But their attack is too strong even for Piccolo. Trunks, restoring energy, comes back to the battle. But is trapped by the shield. There, Vegeta arrives. He, at last, shows his fighting spirit. He breaks the shield and saves out Trunks. But he cannot defeat Boujack who uses shield for protection. Trunks tries to help his father, but Vegeta’s pride is too strong to accept it. He fights alone against Boujack and his minions but is defeated. There seems no chance to survive for Gohan and his friends. Just at the very time Gohan is almost killed, Goku arrives from the other world, and saves Gohan. Encouraged by Goku, Gohan is now with full power. He defeats Boujack and others.

This is Gohan’s victory. But again, because of strange misunderstanding, people applaud Mr. Satan as the hero.

Aired Jul. 10, 1993




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