Mysterious Planet approached to the Earth. It exploded near the Earth and that caused big storm in the sea and eruption of the mountains. The Earth was heavily damaged. Big space ship arrived at Bulma’s town, and alien soldiers appeared from the space ship. They declared that the King Slag occupied the Earth. Gohan fought against soldiers, but Slag took Gohan’s Dragon Ball. Slag knows the secret of Dragon Ball. He collected seven Balls and called the Shenron (God Dragon), making his wishes, and the old Slag changed to young powerful Slag.
Goku fought against Slag. When Goku is defeating him, he became the giant and his appearance looked like Piccolo. Slag was from Namec Planet. Piccolo told Goku the weak point of the Namec that is the whistle of human being. Goku made the whistle and Slag started to suffer. Goku hit him by his super punch and Slag exploded with his space ship.

Aired Mar. 9, 1991




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