A seed of SHINSEIJU has planted by Tulece came from outer space. Shinseiju is a tree which suck dry all energy from the planet it's planted. And it's fruits gives special power to the man when eat it.
Tulece is waiting for the fruits to become the strongest crushers troop in the universe. Shinseiju grows up, destroying the cities and changing the grounds into desert. Goku and his friends trys to blow it out with Kamehameha, only to fail. Tulece and his men appear and started a fierce battle. Goku's friends are all defeated.  Goku, with his last power, collects the energy from the earth and shoot it to Tulece. But he fails because not so much energy in the earth anymore.  He trys again without any hope, but suddenly the energy comes flooding into Goku's hands from Shinseiju. He shoots it to Tulece. But it also hit at Shinseiju.  This time Tulece is defeated. And Shinseiju is also destroyed in pieces which become into particles of light and pours all over the desert earth. Thus energy is recovered and the earth becomes a beautiful green planet again.

Aired Jul. 7, 1990




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