Seven Dragon Balls are collected by a man who makes a wish to the Eternal Dragon to make Dr.Willow's Brain revive. Dr.Willow was a mad scientist who tried to conquer the world by his evil scientific knowledge fifty years ago. Now the revived Brain wants to obtain the body of the strongest man. So, he makes his man kidnap Turtle Hermit, the strongest man in Dr.Willow's days. But Turtle Hermit is found to be not so strong anymore.  At that very moment, Goku comes to rescue Hermit. The brain wants Goku's body. But he is so strong that all his henchmen are defeated. The brain controlls a giant robot and come attacking Goku and friends. Even from the outer space it is sent by Goku's Quadruple Kaio-Ken, it keep shooting the Light Bombs to destroy the earth. Goku now collects the energy from the earth, and hit the Robot with it. This time, at last, the Robot and Dr.Willow disappear.

Aired Mar. 10, 1990




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