In order to obtain the eternal life and to be the Emperor of the world, Garlic Jr. is collecting Dragon Balls. While Goku's absence, his son Gohan, with a Dragon Ball at the top of his cap, is kidnapped by Garlic Jr.  Now obtaining the seven Dragon Balls, Garlic Jr. calls out the Eternal Dragon, and wishes for the Eternal Life. His wish has been granted already when Goku arrives to get back Gohan, followed by his friends. A fierce battle! Goku and his friends defeat the henchmen and find out Gohan. However, Garlic Jr. has eternal life. He makes a black hole which starts sucking in everything, except Garlic Jr. who is protected by the shield around him. When Goku and others are almost sucked in, Gohan's power blasts out. It breaks the shield, and Garlic Jr. is sucked into the black hole he created.  When he disappears, the hole also disappears, leaving Goku and his friends scarecely escaped.

Aired Jul. 15, 1989




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