friends who battle for the Earth and all that is good against the deadly the forces of the most incredible warrior race of all time and space. Warrirors so awesome the they only have to send one of their kind to destroy entire plannets.
The story unfolds as Raditz, a Saiyan who reveals that his is Gokou's older brother, arrives and interrupts the great peace. The ensuing battle moves mountains, uproots rivers and even changes the Earth's weather patterns.
In the end, Gokou sacrifices his own life to ensure the end of Raditz and the safety of Earth. But before Raditz passes on, he reveals that forces of even more powerful Saiyans are coming to earth.
So now, friends, allies and former enemies must band together to prepare for the invasion. Their best hope rests in their quest to gather the Dragonballs and wish Gokou, the only one even remotely powerful enough to stand against the mighty Saiyans, back to life ... ... if they have enough time. That's all that's standing between the Saiyans and the Earth's total destruction.
Dragonball Z has some of the most evil of evil beings, fierce warriors, awesome fighting techniques and wise, masters of all time. The amazing characters, which critics have hailed as some of the most creative and vivid in anu media today, were created by the genius of Akira Toriyama.
The constant struggle of good versus evil is played out in exotic lands and remarkable planets as the essence of human nature is brought to light. The determination and frailties, the good and the evil, the humor and quirkiness of the human race are all brought out in this epic saga.
Dramatic battles, good-natured humor and touching moments are carefully blended in a story which touched all age groups.

No. of Episodes 291 episodes
Aired Apr. 26, 1989 - Jan. 31, 1996




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