strengthening his psychic power, Seiya overcomes Saga's devastating technique.
Saga's intention in challenging Seiya was to make him stand up and to lead him to the right way.  But Saga himself was gone burning away with Jaow of the Lynx as the fellow traveller to the death world.

At that time, sending a blow with all his might, Hyoga also defeats the Berenique who uses the Golden Death Hair as the weapon.

Now, it's the time for decisive battle.

Against Atlas, the only enemy remained, Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga are fighting a severe fight.  But the ultimate Cosmos, Seven Senses, calls for three Gold Cloths, and the three boys put each on.  With the power strengthen by the Gold Cloth, they defeat away Atlas and rush in the shrine at Abel.

Abel, in a fury, defeats Shiryu and Hyoga at once. Seiya sends his Meteor Fist desperately.  But Abel's power cannot be compared with his.
No hope anymore!  But at that very moment, the calls of boy's psychic power reach to the Atehna's heart. And Saori rises from the dead.
Now helped by the power of Athena, Seiya's arrow hits at the chest of Abel, defeating his power of God.  With a dreadful scream, Abel, the God of Sun, disappeared.

With the Shrine of Corona collapsed, and the Satue of Abel as well, the people get back the peace again in the world.

Aired Jul. 23, 1988




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