Goku and Krillin decide to participate in a Mertial Art Tournament.
The winner can make one wish to the Emperor. But the Emperor is a little boy. And the Minister, using the Emperor's army, is collecting the Dragon Balls with ambition to conquar the world with Tao-Paipai. Tien was the only friend of Emperor. But at the same time, the Minister was his Mertial Art Master.
When seven Balls are collected, Minister's evil wish will be realized. Bola, the bearer of the 7th Ball, also comes to the tournament to ask the Emperor to stop his army. Now tournament starts.  Defeating the strong Yamcha, Bola was sure to be the Champion. But Tao-Paipai killed him. Getting angry, GOKU challenge Tao-Paipai. And somehow, he defeats him. Tien also defeats the Minister from the love to the young Emperor.  After the battle, Goku makes Bola revive, wishing to the Eternal Dragon.

Aired Jul. 9, 1988




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