Hans Christian Andersen, the son of a shoemaker Is a good friend of the little girl Elisa, two cats called Goro and Mimi, and a mouse called Keke. One day Uncle Oley, the Sandman, who gives beautiful dreams to children, come to the village where Hans is living. Hans wishes to become a man like Uncle Oley so he can tell wonderful stories to poor little children, especially to Elisa… but Elisa and her grandmother are chased out of their house because they are so poor they couldn’t pay the rent. Hans worries about them, and believing in an old legend, he sets a lantern drifting down the river. In the legend, as long as the lantern remains lit, a person will meet their loved one again. Soon after that the Red Shoes contest was held I the village square. The red shoes which Hans’ father made from special magic leather given him by Uncle Oley, are the best ones, but the spoiled daughter of the village mayor, Karen insists on having them and takes them away. Hans, who was planning to see the grand opera at the kingdom’s theatre with the prize money, is very disappointed, but trying hard not to be discouraged he starts to work hard to earn the ticket money for the opera. Going to the theatre he finds Elisa trying to sell matches to the passers-by Hand gives the ticket money to Elisa and buys all of her matches. At the same time, in the theatre, Karen suddenly starts to dance crazily, and causes much confusion. This is because, when a person with a greedy mind wears the red shoes they will dance forever. Uncle Oley saves Karen after she has changed her way of thinking. Then, Hans tells a beautiful story to Elisa on the steps of the theatre. When he finishes, there is a tremendous roar of applause. All of the villagers had been listening. The mayor then decides to send little Hans to school in Copenhagen so that he can learn to write his beautiful stories. Little Hans learned to write, and his stories still help little children have beautiful dreams.

Aired Mar. 19 1968
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