However, during the fight, Seiya is hit at his chest by a poison arrow. Hyoga defeats Christ of the Southern Cross.  But then he gets hurt by the stick of Elyse. And Shiryu, although succeeded in defeating Jan of the Scutum, himself gets wounded during the battle. Shun, during his deseparate battle against Orpheus of the Lyra, is helped by his brother, Ikki, who arrived the battle field at last.

During the fights, Seiya reaches to Athena at last.  But he is already too weak because of the poison to fight against Jaguar of the Orion who waits him there.  Ikki appears on the scene and takes over the fight from Seiya. But the invincible technique of Jaguar defeats Ikki too.

It seems all up.

The voices of comrade echoes in the mind of Seiya, who lies on the ground. And these voices give Seiya a power.  Seiya at last stands up and his Cosmos, the psychic power inside him, calls for the Gold Cloth of the Sagittarius.

Getting the Gold Cloth and putting it on, Seiya becomes a Gold Saint.
He sends the beam of psychic power using the devastating technique of Meteor Fist strengthened by the Gold Cloth, and at last defeats Jaguar.  And then, he hits at the Golden Apple of Elyse with the Golden Arrow of the Saggitarius.

Elyse, who has been almost succeeded in resurrection, disappears.
And Seiya and Ikki feel happy finding  Athena in safe.

Aired Jul. 18, 1987




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