As the Mertial Art lesson, Turtle Hermit assigns Goku and Krillin to find out the Sleeping Beauty in a Devil Castle and come back with her. In spite of Hermit's plan, the Sleeping Beauty was not a woman, but a jewel. Using the power of it, Rusifel and his monster at the Devil Castle was intending to destroy the sun, under which they cannot exist. Taken Krillin as the hostage, Goku was captured by Rusifel.
In the full moon night, the moon light makes the jewel power increase more and more.  But Goku, looking at the full-moon, changed into a Huge Monkey, and destroys everything.  During the destruction, hitted by the Jewel power, Rusifel and monsters are disappears. Facing the danger of Goku, Puar transformes into scissors and cut his tail. Thus Goku could return into his usual figure.

Aired Jul. 18, 1987




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