appear before his eyes, who said in a voice of thunder, “I am master of earth and wave; but slave of the ring and the wearer’s slave. What will you have, master, what will you have?”
This was the Genie of the ring, and after recovering from his first fright, Aladdin asked him to rescue him from the cave, which, of course, the Genie did.
Aladdin’s family was very poor, and later, upon returning home, he decided to sell the lamp, so that his mother could use the money. He thought it would bring a better price if he polished it, and the moment he began to rub the lamp, a Genie appeared in a cloud of white smoke and said, “I am master of earth and wave, but slave of the lamp and the bearer’s slave. What will you have, master?”
This time, Aladdin only asked to be served a delicious meal, and also asked the Genie to help him to marry the king’s daughter, Princess Badr al’budur, with whom Aladdin had fallen madly in love with upon first sight.
Then, one day, the wicked wizard returned to the capital, tricked the Princess and gained possession of the lamp – and using its magical powers he kidnapped the Princess and took her and the place to a country that was far, far away.
Aladdin now begins to fight against the wizard by using the magical powers of the ring, but he cannot fight the magic of the lamp.
After many attempts, Aladdin manages to sneak into the place where he finds the Princess. Together they recover the magic lamp, and the wicked wizard attacks them with every kind of witchcraft at his command, but finally, Aladdin defeats the wizard. Then, the place collapses and disappears as though it had been made of sand. When the Princess and Aladdin return to their own country, they are met with cries of joy from the entire population, for their love and courage had now become the most valuable treasure in the whole land.

Aired Mar. 13, 1982
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