This picture has been based on the famous SWAN LAKE, a legendary story of Middle-Age Europe. In a certain country, there lives a widowed queen with her son, Prince Siegfried. The day before he becomes of age, the queen tells Siegfried. “You will become king tomorrow, so you must choose your future bride. A ball will be given in which many princesses will be invited from various countries for you to choose from.” That day, Prince Siegfried makes a long journey by horse and arrives at t lake where some swans are found in a flock. A swan wearing a golden crown greets him in a graceful manner. Siegfried is attracted by the swan who looks like a noble, beautiful princess before he realizes it. Just then, a grotesque owl flies away overhead, flapping his wings roughly. A thick mist hangs over the lake, and the crowned swan takes to flight. Siegfried jumps on his horse and chases the swan. Siegfried on horseback crosses the steep cliff at the back of the lake, passes through the weird forest and finds an uncanny mansion in the moon light. He witnesses the swan turn into a noble, beautiful girl. She gives her name as Odette, the princess of a certain country and tells him that she was turned into a swan during daytime by magic as she has refused to become the wife of a magician, and would not be freed from the spell until she could find a man who loved her from the bottom of his heart, “Please become my wife,” Siegfried says. “If you attend the ball held at my castle tomorrow night and we, two swear our love before the attendants, you will be a princess again, free from the spell.” Having learned the two have made that promise, Roetbert, the magician, out of rage, locks up Odette into a room. The following day, Roetbert goes to the ball taking his daughter Odyl who has changed herself into Odette. Without knowing it is a phoney Odette, Siegfried takes Odyl’s hands and announces that he would take her as his wife. Just then, the real Odette arrives at the castle aided by animals of the forest and looks at the two making the vow. All of a sudden, the thunder rolls, and Roetbert appears roaring with laughter. Siegfried learns about the trick and bravely stands at sword points. But Roetbert’s magic is beyond his power. He is held at bay, With a sword being pointed close at his breast by Roetbert. Roetbert presses upon Odette saying that he would save Siegfried’s life only if she became his wife. Just when Odette makes up her mind to save the prince at her sacrifice, the prince plunges his sword into his breast. A miracle occurs! Roetbert disappears and his magic is gone. True love has won over magic. With their back bathed in the morning sun, Siegfried and Odette throw themselves into each other’s arms and rejoice.

Aired Mar. 14 1981
Copyright (C)TOEI CORP.

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