There is a small beautiful village surrounded by forests and lakes. Sandybell lives there with father. She is a charming, cheerful girl who makes everybody happy and is loved by all the people in the day, she has become aquanted with a boy named Mark who is son of Countess and loves painting very much. Mark and Sandybell come to grow fond of each other.
But their happiness doesn't last long. For Mark's'parents go bankrupt and, what is worse, they are killed in an automobile accident. Mark gets out of the village in grief, but with the ambition to be a real painter.
And after a while, Sandybell's father dies from an illness, leaving the words for Sandybell to go to London visiting his friend who runs a newspaper there, and that her mother might be alive somewhere. Sandybell sets out for London. The company of Father's friend was very small but his newspaper was full of heart-warming news. Sandybell gradually gets interested in the job of journalist. She runs around in and out of the country, searching for the heart-warming news, with the ambition to be a real journalist, and at the same with hope to find out Mark and her mother somewhere.

No. of Episodes 47 episodes
Aired Mar. 6, 1981 - Feb. 26, 1982

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