On her 12th birthday, Lu Lu receives a letter from the King of Flowerne Star. In the letter, he asks Lu Lu to find a flower with rainbow-colored petals. This flower is the symbol of the King, and at the same time it is something indispensable for the Floral Spirits of the Flowerne Star to survive. Unfortunately, this flower dies, without bearing seeds, when a king abdicates the throne. Now, the King is thinking to move the throne over to the prince, so he badly needs a new flower as the symbol of the King of Flowerne Star for his son. However, this flower is raised only on the earth by man's love and sincerity. And it can be found only by a girl flower angel who has the "Blood of the Floral Sprites" in her body, and who was born and has been raised on the earth. King is, therefore, asking Lu Lu, the Flower Angel, to find this flower.
Thus, Lu Lu sets out on a journey in search for the flower with rainbow-colored petals. The journey is not always easy. Various happenings wait for her on the way. And sometimes she is disturbed by some Floral Spirits who watch for a chance to usurp the throne. But helped by a cat and a dog who speak her language, Lu Lu continues her journey, making the beautiful flowers of happiness open in the mind of people she encounters.

No. of Episodes 50 episodes
Aired Feb. 9, 1979 - Feb. 8, 1980

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