The series, “Captain Future”, by Edmond Hamilton, and American science fiction author, was first released in 1940. Afterwards, Captain Future, a young man whose deceased father was a well-known scientist, became a legendary giant; and his adventures have continued to cause an explosive sensation.
 Captain Future travels with Android, Robot and Simon Wright, a living brain, in a spaceship called “Future Comet”. They go from the solar system to the galaxies to fight the wicked for the sake of justice.
 Edmond Hamilton was a born science fiction writer. He was the first to conceive in writing such new imagination ideas as a material transportation plane, time-patrols, an invasion from the future, and the great united kingdom of the universe, etc. all of which remain the main features of science fiction today.
 Hamilton’s spectacular imagination, fanciful ideas, and skillful story-telling still make the tale outstanding and exciting today.
 The complete televization of this science fiction classic, “Captain Future”, is sure to be widely applauded, not only by SF fans, but also by people from all walks of life.

No. of Episodes 52 episodes
Aired Nov. 7, 1978 - Dec. 18, 1979
Copyright (C)Toei Animation. All Rights Reserved

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