Animated Works

Can I send thoughts or opinions about animated works of Toei Animation?

We thank you for your opinions. However, we would like you to understand that it is difficult for us to reply to every e-mail because there are a lot of opinions we receive.

I have an idea for a new animation. Can I send it?

We do not usually accept any ideas about animated works. Even if you send it, Toei Animation shall not be held responsible.

I want to use characters of Toei Animation on my web site.

We hope you understand that we do not give any permissions to use our company’s characters.

I found Toei Animation’s video was irregally uploaded on internet. Isn’t it copyright infringement?

Your reports would be greatly appreciated and we take strict action against this problem, but we do not usually reply to your report.

Products and Events

Is it possible to request commodification of my favorite character? Can you make masterpiece into DVD?

Thank you for your requests. We will make them references for the future, but we do not usually reply to them. Also, we cannot promise your requests will definetely be implemented.

I want to get information about the date of events and its details.

There is information about events in session and holding schedule on our web site.